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Reducing Waste | Sustainable Tabletop Solutions

By August 29, 2023September 5th, 2023Uncategorized
Kvadrat Really Textile Tabletop

Today, nearly half of the world’s CO2 emissions stem from constructed environments, while building materials contribute an additional 20%. Astonishingly, the current recycling rate for textile waste stands at less than 1%.

Kvadrat Really is taking immediate action to mitigate the harm to our planet by producing high-quality circular materials from textile waste, addressing these critical challenges head-on. Their innovative no-waste approach pioneered the creation of high-quality Textile Tabletops, leading the way toward a future with zero waste. This remarkable product eliminates the equivalent of 60 t-shirts from waste streams, equating to 13.5 kilograms of reduced waste per tabletop.

The Textile Tabletop is a versatile, sustainable solution meticulously crafted from end-of-life cotton and wool materials. What sets it apart is its commitment to eco-friendliness, being 100% recyclable. This durability extends beyond its eco-conscious construction, as it complies with the highest standards for withstanding scratches, heat, and liquids, earning it a Category 5 rating for furniture surfaces.

This innovative Textile Tabletop is thoughtfully designed, arriving in pre-coated sizes ideally suited for office and home environments. It offers a selection of timeless colours, including Cotton Cream, Cotton Blue, and Cotton White, and the choice of oak veneer or ABS edges, ensuring effortless coordination with contemporary interiors. Even more remarkable is that it requires no additional surface or edge treatment, making it a plug-and-play circular design solution.

Textile Tabletops are readily adaptable for new or existing table frames, fitting the industry norm for workspace tabletop sizes. Moreover, the materials used in crafting this tabletop consider current resource streams, aligning the elegant colours with sustainable practices. The oak veneer or ABS edges can be applied pre-delivery or with the material, providing flexibility and ease of use. The Textile Tabletop embodies both durability and sustainability, making it an ideal choice for various design and functional needs.

Kvadrat Really materials are engineered from end-of-life textiles. These come from production waste and leftovers from industrial laundries, the fashion industry, and Kvadrat’s production and supply chain.

Produced on-site in Denmark, Kvadrat Really’s materials are colour and quality-controlled. The standard ones they offer are based on cotton and wool blends. However, their pioneering production process allows for many different fibre compositions.

Milling – Kvadrat Really materials are milled into fibres to ensure homogeneous surfaces and colours. Innovatively, our standard products are crafted with short fibres. As a result, the different tones from the upcycled denim, cotton and wool can be blended into a simple, repeatable pallet of colours. Our milling process also allows the use of different fibre lengths and flakes to create particularly expressive, individual materials.

Air-laid – The milled fibres are mixed with a binder specially designed for textile fibres and recyclability. The blended fibres are then formed into sheets of Textile Felt using air-laid technology. No water is used during this process, reflecting our commitment to a no-waste future

Compression – To create a Textile Board and Textile Tabletop, sheets of Textile Felt are layered around thicker textile mats. Subsequently, they are compressed in a process that balances a low temperature with high compression.

The finished product – Kvadrat Really materials are designed for circularity. By agreement, they can return used products, recycle them into new ones, and return them to the client. The collected Kvadrat Really materials are sorted into colour families and re-milled. Subsequently, the fibres are blended into standard products or used to create a base for second-generation Kvadrat Really materials.


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