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Transforming Church into Modern Learning Haven

By June 29, 2023Uncategorized

Exciting news! Our team at Showcase PSR Portsdown has embarked on a remarkable project at Bradfield College, involving the planning, designing and installation of the recently acquired St Andrew’s church. We are thrilled to be creating a brand-new Learning Resource Centre Library and Student study space within this historic building. 

Originally constructed in the 14th century, St Andrew’s church has a rich history and a longstanding connection with Bradfield College since the mid-nineteenth century. It is a truly remarkable space, and we are honoured to be entrusted with the task of transforming it into a modern, functional, and inspiring learning environment. 

As part of the project preparation, our team had the privilege of meeting with the key stakeholders and experiencing the space firsthand. Walking through the halls and witnessing the church’s grandeur and architectural splendour was inspiring. We also had the opportunity to engage with the students and staff, gaining valuable insights into their learning and studying habits across different areas of the college. 

To ensure that our design choices align with the needs and preferences of the college community, we organised an educational trip to Clerkenwell, London. This enabled us to introduce students and staff to the products we are specifying for the project while also providing a platform for design inspiration and receiving feedback on our furniture ideas. The exchange of ideas and collaboration during this trip was invaluable and will undoubtedly contribute to creating a space that caters to the needs of the Bradfield College community. 

During our time at Bradfield, we made sure to conduct comprehensive surveys and measurements, meticulously collecting information that will aid us in developing a space that maximises functionality and optimises the learning experience. Attention to detail is crucial in such a historical setting, and we are committed to preserving the integrity of the church while incorporating modern design elements that enhance the overall environment. 

We are incredibly excited about this project and the opportunity to create a space that will nurture learning, collaboration, and innovation for the students and staff of Bradfield College. Stay tuned for more updates as we progress with this transformative endeavor. Our team is grateful for the trust placed in us by the college, and we are determined to exceed expectations in delivering a Learning Resource Centre Library and Student study space that will inspire generations to come. 

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