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An Unforgettable Christmas Conference | Triumphs, Laughter, and Heartfelt Giving

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Showcase Christmas Conference 2023 | Spreading Joy in the Streets of London  

Our recent Christmas conference brought together the vibrant spirits of Showcase, Showcase PSR, and Renovo in a conference that transcended the ordinary. From morning to night, we celebrated our year’s successes, shared laughter, and embarked on a heartfelt mission to spread joy beyond the walls of the workplace! 

The day kicked off as managers from each team took to the stage, telling of their triumphs, highlighting collective achievements of the past year, and sharing the aims for the coming year. But it wasn’t all serious business – jokes and laughter flowed, setting the tone for the day ahead. 

Team building took a hilarious turn with activities such as guessing the employees whose faces were morphed together. The competition was on, as teams tried to unravel the comical combinations before them.  

The highlight of each year is undoubtedly the charity portion, and this was our most ambitious yet!  Working closely with The Cardinal Hume Centre, a wonderful organisation devoted to helping families and young people overcome poverty and homelessness, we gave our teams several challenges to complete. 

A super team were gathered to embark on a ‘Revitalise and Build’ mission at The Cardinal Hume Centre. This challenged the group to transform the centre’s dated counselling rooms into welcoming and comfortable spaces. The garden received a makeover, lit with twinkling lights and a newly built playhouse assembled by the group. A Christmas tree stood tall, decorated with care by our hard-working elves. 

Meanwhile, other teams were sent on a scavenger hunt around the streets of London, collecting items to assemble Welcome Packs and Hostel Move Packs. From saucepans to slippers, the essentials were gathered to create a sense of home for those transitioning to The Cardinal Hume Centre’s accommodations. The competition was in full swing, with certain teams causing a stir as they raced to the stores, clearing the shelves ahead of the others.  

The final group remained at the conference venue, packing school backpacks to the brim with essentials and goodies for the young children at The Cardinal Hume Centre.  

Once all teams had returned, it was all-hands-on-deck for our teams to pack the vans to the brim with all the kits, which were delivered directly to Cardinal Hume Centre for immediate use. 

After a day of hard work, success, and giving, we shifted gears to the approaching evening. With a black-tie dress code, the team did not fail to impress. We reconvened for a Christmas dinner and an evening filled with festive spirit!  

Our Christmas conference was not just an event; it was a testament to the power of collaboration, consideration wrapped in laughter, and joy that comes from making a positive impact in the lives of others. Here is to our incredible team during the festive season! 

Showcase PSR Scores Big with Local Fire Services

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In keeping with our growing commitments to developing our social values, we are pleased to announce that Showcase, alongside Showcase PSR and Renovo, are proud sponsors of our local Emergency Services Football Teams, including: 

  • Essex Fire Service Open Age Football Team 
  • Essex Fire Service Veterans Football Team 
  • Cambridgeshire Fire Service Football Team 
  • Hampshire Fire Service Football Team 

It is a joy to see our branding emblazoned on the stellar teams’ kits, worn by exceptional players, both on the pitch and in their respective workplaces. This sponsorship serves as a testament to the Essex, Cambridgeshire, and Hampshire Fire Services for the unhindered support they show our local communities, which we are extremely thankful for

Many thanks to Ongar Fire and Rescue services for kindly inviting us for an action-packed visit to meet the crew and gain insights from inside their station (and fire engine!). Though our team may look like naturals in their fireman’s gear, rest assured they will not be quitting their day jobs!   

Showcase, Showcase PSR, and Renovo highly anticipate the seasons of triumph that lay ahead. Our teams look forward to attending future matches together and sharing our unwavering support.  

London School of Economics

London School of Economics | Eco-Conscious Consultancy

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Showcase PSR Portsdown went through a rigorous tender process which included setting up a Virtual online Showroom to present products to the stakeholders for them to make final product selections. Showcase was awarded the contract in March 2021 and was required to work alongside LSE’s Capital Development team and Grafton Architects.

Showcase were required to advise at consultations with LSE Project Management Team and Departmental Stakeholders, Academics, Teaching & Learning groups, and the Students’ Union layouts & selection. The bespoke elements were worked on through a series of ‘Design Workshops’, which were attended by senior members of Capital Development, the project manager, Grafton Architects and Showcase.
The Marshall Building is a new building designed by Grafton Architects which spans 12 floors. The building is beautifully designed, housing LSE’s Department of Finance, Management, Accounting, Students’ Union and Systemic Risk Centre.
Showcase PSR Portsdown were required to compartmentalise the furniture across the first and second floors, the Academic Spaces from the third to ninth floors, the Great Hall on the Ground floor, the Outdoor Terraces on the first, second, eighth and ninth floors, and the Students Union. Each setting had a different aesthetic and practical requirement, whilst delivering on the same quality and throughout the building.

The Teaching and Learning spaces included six lecture theatres, six classrooms, one conference room, and large breakout areas consisting of collaborative, group and individual study spaces throughout.
The Academic spaces comprised cellular offices, multiple occupancy offices, MSc & PHD offices, meeting rooms, common rooms, reception areas, and kitchen areas.

The Great Hall is a vibrant, inviting space encouraging groups and individuals to work, study, collaborate and relax. This houses bespoke unique pieces of furniture such as the Butterfly Benches and Bramante booths, mixed with the familiarity of a mix of soft seating, collaboration tables (low and high), armchairs, café furniture and individual high back chairs.

The SU required Music Rooms, Lobby, Lockers and Kitchen furniture. The beautiful outdoor terraces comprised a mix of tables, chairs, benches, lounge chairs and ottomans – a perfect summertime setting.

In addition to the extensive range of tasks involved in furnishing the space, the emphasis on sustainability introduced additional demands. Ensuring that all furniture items met the LSE’s criteria for recyclability and recycled content necessitated a rigorous vetting process underscores the project’s dedication to environmental responsibility. This demanded additional time and increased team efforts. This process required thoroughly informing the client of each manufacturer’s practices and materials, but it was completed within the stipulated time scale. Furthermore, the need for sustainable verification added complexity to the project, but the team’s dedication ensured it was accomplished within its specified timeline.

This commitment to sustainability underscores the project’s dedication to environmental responsibility and highlights today’s growing importance of sustainable design and procurement. For the client, a completely stress-free process in sourcing the products was provided and coordinated by Showcase PSR Portsdown. They remained educated and informed throughout on the choice of suppliers and knew precisely how they met their sustainability expectations.

Showcase PSR Portsdown was expected to offer products at the best value and often suggested alternatives to products specified to aid the project team in managing the budget whilst adhering to the project requirements.
Showcase PSR Portsdown also provided all drawings with product furniture legend and asset tagged all the furniture in the building whilst maintaining consistent team update meetings throughout the project. Showcase PSR Portsdown managed the snagging process and went over and above to ensure that the timescales, budget, and quality of service were consistent throughout.

University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge | Overcoming Deliverable Obstacles

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The project required the furnishing of the newly developed Student Services Centre (SSC), a part-refurbishment of a group of pre-existing Grade II listed buildings (ground floor of part of the Old Cavendish Laboratory and Rayleigh Wing, whole of the Arts School) and part-new-build (replacement to the Old Exams Halls). The areas covered throughout the project spanned various office spaces, meeting rooms (some of which are for shared use), an exam hall on the ground floor, and a new atrium space in the new building. The project also focused on a shared common room and shared staff facilities.

Showcase PSR Portsdown was awarded the Furniture package in April 2018 and worked closely with Bennetts and the client groups with product selection, budgets and timescales.

Bringing the various departments from small buildings spread across Cambridge into one purpose-built central location brought several challenges. Identifying them and providing the correct storage to meet the needs of the different departments was a crucial element tothe success of this move. With the guidance of Dana and her team, we surveyed the existing storage within each building. The results of these visits were documented.

It was important in the following stages that we assessed how to accommodate the individual requirements within each area of the new Students Services Centre. We achieved this by identifying a range of system storage with a comprehensive number of different heights, drawer options, shelving and filing solutions at a price that fits the project budget.

University of Staffordshire

University of Staffordshire | Providing Solutions to Your Budget

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The Catalyst Building. A new 8,800 sqm, four-story building, bringing together apprenticeship and skills delivery to meet employer demand in a flexible, high-quality, digitally enabled space.

The Catalyst Building was designed to reach and welcome current and future students, staff, and employers. The project, valued at £850,000, offers world-class services and settings, supporting students through their education and employment.

Innovative furniture solutions were used to achieve the university’s goals, such as AV-integrated meeting booths and reconfigurable furniture to accommodate flexibility and collaboration.

The project spanned a number of areas, including the café, collaboration space, meeting rooms, learning market, teaching space, an IT Suite, and the Foyer.

The client’s budget was considerable but was limited by the size of the building which required a large amount of furniture. As not to compromise on the design, Showcase PSR Portsdown sourced a mix of furniture from local manufacturers as opposed to using branded products in some areas. We achieved this whilst maintaining quality and without exceeding the budget.

The process was managed using a schedule and expertise of the market’s furniture availabilities and pricing. The result was a stunning environment for students and staff to innovate and prosper.

University of Hertfordshire | Creative and Effective Workspaces

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The Enterprise Hub provides a designated modern and fully equipped co-working space, beneficial for early-stage businesses and entrepreneurs to use flexibly. It includes collaborative yet informal learning/work zones, a start-up business incubator, open-plan areas, and offices. The Enterprise Hub facilitates the delivery of teaching and studies through teaching spaces, exam spaces, and social café & dining spaces. The project had to align with the brief and architect’s visions of an industrial and modern style. This was accomplished, resulting in a stunning working space.

The project demanded a comprehensive product selection as well as bespoke item design. As the sole supplier, this posed a time challenge. Nevertheless, Showcase PSR Portsdown worked alongside the main contractor to create an installation plan, ensuring the building opened on schedule. The instalment took place during the start of COVID. Therefore, it was over a year before we received feedback from staff and students as they could not immediately enter the space. However, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The Hub is now the most used and visited building on campus.

Kvadrat Really Textile Tabletop

Reducing Waste | Sustainable Tabletop Solutions

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Kvadrat Really Textile Tabletop

Today, nearly half of the world’s CO2 emissions stem from constructed environments, while building materials contribute an additional 20%. Astonishingly, the current recycling rate for textile waste stands at less than 1%.

Kvadrat Really is taking immediate action to mitigate the harm to our planet by producing high-quality circular materials from textile waste, addressing these critical challenges head-on. Their innovative no-waste approach pioneered the creation of high-quality Textile Tabletops, leading the way toward a future with zero waste. This remarkable product eliminates the equivalent of 60 t-shirts from waste streams, equating to 13.5 kilograms of reduced waste per tabletop.

The Textile Tabletop is a versatile, sustainable solution meticulously crafted from end-of-life cotton and wool materials. What sets it apart is its commitment to eco-friendliness, being 100% recyclable. This durability extends beyond its eco-conscious construction, as it complies with the highest standards for withstanding scratches, heat, and liquids, earning it a Category 5 rating for furniture surfaces.

This innovative Textile Tabletop is thoughtfully designed, arriving in pre-coated sizes ideally suited for office and home environments. It offers a selection of timeless colours, including Cotton Cream, Cotton Blue, and Cotton White, and the choice of oak veneer or ABS edges, ensuring effortless coordination with contemporary interiors. Even more remarkable is that it requires no additional surface or edge treatment, making it a plug-and-play circular design solution.

Textile Tabletops are readily adaptable for new or existing table frames, fitting the industry norm for workspace tabletop sizes. Moreover, the materials used in crafting this tabletop consider current resource streams, aligning the elegant colours with sustainable practices. The oak veneer or ABS edges can be applied pre-delivery or with the material, providing flexibility and ease of use. The Textile Tabletop embodies both durability and sustainability, making it an ideal choice for various design and functional needs.

Kvadrat Really materials are engineered from end-of-life textiles. These come from production waste and leftovers from industrial laundries, the fashion industry, and Kvadrat’s production and supply chain.

Produced on-site in Denmark, Kvadrat Really’s materials are colour and quality-controlled. The standard ones they offer are based on cotton and wool blends. However, their pioneering production process allows for many different fibre compositions.

Milling – Kvadrat Really materials are milled into fibres to ensure homogeneous surfaces and colours. Innovatively, our standard products are crafted with short fibres. As a result, the different tones from the upcycled denim, cotton and wool can be blended into a simple, repeatable pallet of colours. Our milling process also allows the use of different fibre lengths and flakes to create particularly expressive, individual materials.

Air-laid – The milled fibres are mixed with a binder specially designed for textile fibres and recyclability. The blended fibres are then formed into sheets of Textile Felt using air-laid technology. No water is used during this process, reflecting our commitment to a no-waste future

Compression – To create a Textile Board and Textile Tabletop, sheets of Textile Felt are layered around thicker textile mats. Subsequently, they are compressed in a process that balances a low temperature with high compression.

The finished product – Kvadrat Really materials are designed for circularity. By agreement, they can return used products, recycle them into new ones, and return them to the client. The collected Kvadrat Really materials are sorted into colour families and re-milled. Subsequently, the fibres are blended into standard products or used to create a base for second-generation Kvadrat Really materials.


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Bradfield church transformation

Transforming Church into Modern Learning Haven

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Exciting news! Our team at Showcase PSR Portsdown has embarked on a remarkable project at Bradfield College, involving the planning, designing and installation of the recently acquired St Andrew’s church. We are thrilled to be creating a brand-new Learning Resource Centre Library and Student study space within this historic building. 

Originally constructed in the 14th century, St Andrew’s church has a rich history and a longstanding connection with Bradfield College since the mid-nineteenth century. It is a truly remarkable space, and we are honoured to be entrusted with the task of transforming it into a modern, functional, and inspiring learning environment. 

As part of the project preparation, our team had the privilege of meeting with the key stakeholders and experiencing the space firsthand. Walking through the halls and witnessing the church’s grandeur and architectural splendour was inspiring. We also had the opportunity to engage with the students and staff, gaining valuable insights into their learning and studying habits across different areas of the college. 

To ensure that our design choices align with the needs and preferences of the college community, we organised an educational trip to Clerkenwell, London. This enabled us to introduce students and staff to the products we are specifying for the project while also providing a platform for design inspiration and receiving feedback on our furniture ideas. The exchange of ideas and collaboration during this trip was invaluable and will undoubtedly contribute to creating a space that caters to the needs of the Bradfield College community. 

During our time at Bradfield, we made sure to conduct comprehensive surveys and measurements, meticulously collecting information that will aid us in developing a space that maximises functionality and optimises the learning experience. Attention to detail is crucial in such a historical setting, and we are committed to preserving the integrity of the church while incorporating modern design elements that enhance the overall environment. 

We are incredibly excited about this project and the opportunity to create a space that will nurture learning, collaboration, and innovation for the students and staff of Bradfield College. Stay tuned for more updates as we progress with this transformative endeavor. Our team is grateful for the trust placed in us by the college, and we are determined to exceed expectations in delivering a Learning Resource Centre Library and Student study space that will inspire generations to come. 

85 individuals in smart-casual attire on grass terrace, smiles, river in the background, celebratory drinks.

Porto 2023 – Our record-breaking conference!

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Earlier this month, the Showcase group embarked on an incredible journey to Porto from the 15th – 17th June, to attend our highly anticipated annual Summer Conference. The two days spent in the vibrant city were nothing short of exceptional, leaving us all with a renewed sense of enthusiasm. The conference itself proved to be a resounding success, not only in highlighting the progress made in the first half of the year but also in celebrating the remarkable achievements of our fabulous teams.

Behind the scenes, the organisers worked tirelessly to ensure that the Summer Conference would be a rewarding experience for our hard-working teams. It was considered a rejuvenating celebration at the year’s midpoint before we resumed our efforts for the remainder of the year. It is no secret that the key to our success is our motivated and engaged team. So, no effort would be spared in creating an experience that would have a lasting and gratifying impact on our members.

The picturesque city of Porto provided the perfect backdrop for this transformative journey. As soon as our teams arrived, they were greeted with a warm welcome and an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. The conference agenda was carefully crafted to include a variety of activities and sessions that would not only inspire and educate but also foster a strong sense of camaraderie among our employees.

In addition to the conference sessions, our team members had the opportunity to participate in thrilling team-building activities. From exhilarating go-karting races to tuk-tuk tours exploring the vibrant streets of Porto, and even e-biking adventures throughout the picturesque city. These activities were not only fun but also served as a catalyst for building and strengthening relationships within our teams. The shared experiences and moments of laughter created an even stronger strong bond among employees, fostering a supportive and collaborative environment in which relationships, both new and pre-existing, would flourish.

Beyond the professional development and team-building aspects, this remarkable expedition provided a well-deserved break for all members of our teams at Showcase Interiors, Showcase PSR Portsdown, and Renovo. Taking a step back from the daily routine and immersing ourselves in the vibrant culture and beauty of Porto allowed us to recharge. It was an opportunity to reflect on our achievements, celebrate the milestones we’ve reached, and come together to prepare for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

As we return to our respective roles with renewed energy and a sense of purpose, we are eager to continue working alongside our valued clients to deliver exceptional results. The connections and relationships formed during the conference will undoubtedly contribute to our collective success.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all those in attendance who made this trip to Porto a truly remarkable experience. Each and every person played a crucial role in making this event unforgettable.

As we bid farewell to Porto, we carry with us the memories, lessons, and newfound inspiration to excel in the months ahead. The Summer Conference of 2023 will forever hold a special place in our hearts and will serve as a reminder of the remarkable things we can achieve when we come together as a team.

Until next year…!

Planet Mark Logo on Green Leaf Background

COP27: The UN Climate Change Conference

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Planet Mark Logo on Green Leaf Background

November 2022 marks the commencement of the 27th official Conference of the Parties’ Climate Summit (COP), held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt (06th November – 18th November). As world leaders gather in Egypt, the UN Foundation will focus on critical issues ranging from climate finance to ocean and shipping adaptation.

Previous COP Climate Summits have placed an increasing emphasis on the responsibilities of businesses in the face of climate change, and this year’s conference is expected to follow suit. World leaders, representatives from various nations, and interested groups will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with leading companies across multiple industries. Collaboration is critical in shaping the green industrial revolution because change necessitates the coordinated energy, skills, and funds of investors, inventors, employers, consumers, employees, and regulators.

Showcase PSR is conscious of its ethical responsibility to contribute to an improved environment for future generations in the face of a changing landscape of how we live and work. To guide us through this critical Decade of Action, we have recently achieved certification from Planet Mark for our baseline year by reporting our carbon footprint. We are proud to say that we are now certified Carbon Neutral as a company in full compliance with PAS2060. We are thrilled to have involved our stakeholders in the change we have created and to invite them to join us on the journey that our efforts are yet to take us on.

The COP27 will provide valuable insight into innovative technologies and action plans being implemented by nations to combat climate change, which will be revolutionary for Showcase PSR and companies alike in terms of our efforts to tackle climate change.

Showcase PSR Planet Mark Certified

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