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‘Sshhh 5’ by Evavaara Design

By July 12, 2022July 26th, 2022Uncategorized
Sshhh Chair

Sculptural furniture specialist, Evavaara, is here to take the modern workplace by storm with the ‘Sshhh 5′ range; a fine selection of acoustic workstations designed to absorb and reduce surrounding noise – and so much more.

The generously-sized chairs are intended for short-term work, and can comfortably facilitate the use of a laptop or tablet within its curved frame, fit for privacy and comfort.

The four chairs within the Sshhh family utilize acoustics to provide solutions to an array of workplace problems – starting with the Sshhh 5.0; the modest item of the four. Also known as the ‘basic’ chair, the Sshhh 5.0 sets out to simply create a silent, personal workspace to reduce workplace noise and channel tranquility.

The Sshhh 5.1 also minimizes surrounding noise, albeit for a different purpose. Referred to as ‘the world’s smallest concert hall’, the 5.1 puts you in control with its built-in audio system, allowing the user to connect their phone and choose their own auditory experience. With an optional laptop table, LED light, USB socket, and wireless charging station, the Sshhh 5.1 is designed to cater to all your working needs.

The Sshhh 5.2 shows us exactly what all modern workspaces are missing with its psychoacoustic massage seat equipped with low frequency soundwaves. Alternating between ‘active mode’ and ‘relax mode’ whilst you work in style, the Sshhh 5.2 leaves absolutely no room for workplace stress. Like the 5.1, optional add-ons include: a laptop table, LED light, USB socket, and wireless charging station.

Finally, the Sshhh 5.3 makes for perfect breakout area seating with its 10” touchscreen and fitted audio system. Connect your device via USB add-on to ensure that you can watch, listen, work, and take your calls in style.

  • Upholstery fabric (Pick your colour)
  • Black base
  • Absorbs surrounding noise
  • Reduces drastically incoming and outgoing noises
  • Swivels to the right and left with auto-return mechanism
  • Side wall made of safety glass
  • Delivered in one piece
  • Compact enough to fit through doors and lifts (80 cm)
  • Needs 1m2 floor space
  • Height 1500 mm
  • Width 800 mm
  • Depth 690 mm
  • Weight 80 kg

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