Taking on the task presented by Wandsworth and Richmond Council, Showcase PSR Portsdown ventured into the revitalisation of Wandsworth Library, a purpose-built community hub spanning two floors.

Our interior design team worked alongside architects Pellings to create a space that reflected the building’s structure, we were also assigned to enrich the community experience. Amidst a dynamic landscape of adult and children’s libraries, community spaces, and a versatile IT suite, Showcase PSR coordinated an ensemble of furnishings and design elements to elevate the library’s ambiance. 


Proactive engagement influenced strategy, aligning with the client’s vision. Early consultations, site visits, and strategic data provision facilitated a collaborative approach, minimising conflicts with ongoing works and optimising project outcomes. Showcase PSR exemplified a diverse array of furniture options through a guided tour of Clerkenwell, which enabled informed decision-making, while finish boards brought concepts to life.

Early engagement prior to the building contractor being appointed allowed the interior to inform the required fit-out package, which was designed around our proposed library plans.

Our furniture selection prioritised comfort, adjustability, accessibility to power, sustainability and value for money. From sleek Steelcase furnishings to the ergonomic design of Frem and Orangebox, each piece was chosen with longevity and user experience in mind.

Services Provided

The services required called for a multifaceted approach, including interior design, branding through furniture selection, flooring recommendations, and the procurement, delivery, and installation of furnishings. Featuring unique items such as the Viking Boat feature in the children’s library, and adaptable Frem meeting booths and Steelcase Flex IT tables, each element was curated to enhance functionality and inclusivity. Branding was infused with vibrant colours and distinct aesthetics, ensuring each space resonated with its audience.   

Collaboration with council representatives and local stakeholders ensured inclusivity at every turn. Renderings of proposed spaces were shared with the community and local councillors, opening communications and inviting feedback. Showcase PSR arranged recommendations for clear signage and wayfinding in consideration of diverse demographics, reaffirming the library’s status as a central spot for all. 

The collection of renowned manufacturers including Steelcase, Frem, Orangebox, Sixteen3, and Boss Design equipped the project with a blend of innovation and quality craftsmanship, ensuring a timeless legacy for Wandsworth Library. 

Success Points

The transformation of the library resulted in a surge in footfall, signaling its newfound status as a community hub. A testament to its success, plans for expanded opening hours underscored its enduring impact. Media coverage by London South further amplified its resonance, confirming its significance within the community fabric.

Challenges Overcome

Navigating contractor issues and delays presented formidable hurdles along the way. However, our agile response included flexible production scheduling, temporary storage solutions, and meticulous delivery planning, ensuring minimal disruption to the project timeline and client satisfaction.

Sustainability Considerations

In line with our commitment to sustainability, the selection of flexible furniture underscored our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of the community while minimising environmental impact.

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