Showcase PSR embraced the challenge of the Putney Library project, presented by Wandsworth and Richmond Council (Beacon Libraries). Selected through the ESPO Framework tender process, we secured the three-floor refurbishment venture with a brief to infuse new life into the Grade II listed building. Appointed alongside us were established architects Pellings and Stuart Doxey, and library stakeholders GLL.


Each floor encompassed a distinct character and purpose. The top floor, now reimagined as the Putney Business Centre, needed to cater to the needs of small to medium-sized enterprises seeking a dynamic workspace. Meanwhile, the middle floor transformed into an imaginative children’s library, requiring combined spaces for both teenagers and younger children, encouraging exploration and storytelling.

The ground floor underwent a dramatic redesign to become the library’s spirited centrepiece. With a quirky café and multifunctional event space, it needed furniture that would captivate visitors by reflecting the space’s unique charm while also serving as a hub for learning and community engagement.

The project required a comprehensive scope of work, including interior design, branding of spaces through carefully curated furniture selections, and the procurement, delivery, and installation of furniture.

Services Provided

It was crucial for Showcase PSR to ensure that the redesign aligned with the client’s vision. We prioritised early engagement by proactively communicating with the client before the works began. We implemented measures to prevent any potential conflicts with ongoing contracted works, which involved conducting site visits and providing input on data provision and positioning.

PSR initiated the product selection process through a bespoke tour of Clerkenwell. This demonstrated a diverse range of suppliers, furnishings, and styles, to gauge the desired aesthetic while fulfilling the furniture requirements. Finishing boards were also provided for the client.

Throughout product selection, comfort, flexibility, accessibility to power, and value for money were key. The result? A lively assortment of products, both practical and visually appealing, that could cater to the diverse needs of the community. From comfy bench seating ideal for story sessions to cosy sofas and tables equipped with handy power charging points. This also included dining tables and seating, as well as an interactive digital media wall featuring games for the children to enjoy.

We further provided valuable recommendations, ensuring every aspect of the project received careful consideration.

Success Points

An inclusive experience for the local community was vital. We engaged with a mix of community representatives, including local business teams, gathering their feedback and incorporating it into our planning process. The PSR team then presented renders of the spaces to the wider community, ensuring the final design reflected their collective aspirations.

Among the outcomes was the creation of inspirational spaces such as the business lounge, designed to inspire entrepreneurs and start-ups. Featuring aesthetics, ergonomic design, and exciting collaborative spaces, it encourages like-minded individuals to work and connect. The breakout café on the ground floor enhances the overall experience for users.

Challenges Overcome

To align with the building program, the project was implemented in three distinct phases. One obstacle this posed was the positioning of existing IT equipment and servers. To overcome this, we completed a comprehensive site survey and addressed server issues through innovative design solutions, including the creation of a custom mobile unit designed to conceal and house the equipment within the space.

Sustainability Considerations

Showcase PSR fully supported the client’s ambitions for a more sustainable centre by ensuring that the library space remains adaptable to the evolving needs of the diverse community it serves. This commitment is reflected in the sustainable design integrated into the project, including the selection of long-lasting, flexible furniture designed to accommodate changing community needs while minimising environmental impact. With a commitment to 0% landfill, all furniture utilised in our projects is recyclable or able to be refurbished.

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