In the heart of academic innovation, the University of Birmingham Molecular Sciences Building stands tall as a testament to collaborative brilliance. Completed in October 2023 with a project value of £850k, this state-of-the-art facility serves as a dynamic hub for the School of Chemistry and the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (GEES), uniting over 500 scientists from diverse disciplines under one roof.

Scope & Services

From the initial support for the Molecular Sciences bid in 2020/21 to the order placement in February 2023, Showcase PSR played a pivotal role in shaping the establishment. Engaging with Morgan Sindall and Associated Architects, our consultancy prowess ensured a straightforward alignment with specifications, operational needs, and budget parameters.

The project unfolded with a considered blend of work and study spaces catering to faculty, lab technicians, and students across the campus. The Showcase PSR design team, in collaboration with the client and architect, curated a fusion of fabrics and finishes, ensuring a visually stunning and highly functional environment. Leveraging a fully BIM-compliant process in Revit, we integrated our designs into the federated model, identifying coordination nuances and eliminating clashes.

The journey extended beyond traditional boundaries, with a showroom tour in London’s Clerkenwell, complemented by a bespoke sample space set up within the University. This immersive experience highlighted key products, promoting connectivity within the broader workplace community.

Challenges Overcome

Working alongside Morgan Sindall, Showcase PSR faced construction overruns head-on. Stepping up our efforts, we ensured furniture installations aligned with the academic calendar. Our operational agility and strategic planning resulted in an effortless scheme handover on time and within budget.
The complexities of working within a live construction site were met with dedication. Overcoming challenges posed by the need for M&E connection, our team executed a meticulous installation plan, guaranteeing the preservation of furniture integrity. Utilising a mix of cardboard and Corex protection, we safeguarded the pieces, completing areas for sign-off with finesse.

Success Points

The completion of the University of Birmingham’s Molecular Sciences Building is a triumph of design, development, and implementation. Three years in the making, this collaborative effort continues to bear fruit as Showcase PSR works hand-in-hand with the University team, supporting ongoing needs and shaping new spaces for future academic milestones.

The Molecular Sciences Building at the University of Birmingham is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and commitment to academic excellence. Showcase PSR is proud to have been an integral part of this transformative journey, setting new standards for academic spaces that inspire, engage, and foster groundbreaking research for years to come.

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