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Showcase PSR Portsdown went through a rigorous tender process which included setting up a Virtual online Showroom to present products to the stakeholders for them to make final product selections. Showcase was awarded the contract in March 2021 and was required to work alongside LSE’s Capital Development team and Grafton Architects.

Showcase were required to advise at consultations with LSE Project Management Team and Departmental Stakeholders, Academics, Teaching & Learning groups, and the Students’ Union layouts & selection. The bespoke elements were worked on through a series of ‘Design Workshops’, which were attended by senior members of Capital Development, the project manager, Grafton Architects and Showcase.
The Marshall Building is a new building designed by Grafton Architects which spans 12 floors. The building is beautifully designed, housing LSE’s Department of Finance, Management, Accounting, Students’ Union and Systemic Risk Centre.
Showcase PSR Portsdown were required to compartmentalise the furniture across the first and second floors, the Academic Spaces from the third to ninth floors, the Great Hall on the Ground floor, the Outdoor Terraces on the first, second, eighth and ninth floors, and the Students Union. Each setting had a different aesthetic and practical requirement, whilst delivering on the same quality and throughout the building.

The Teaching and Learning spaces included six lecture theatres, six classrooms, one conference room, and large breakout areas consisting of collaborative, group and individual study spaces throughout.
The Academic spaces comprised cellular offices, multiple occupancy offices, MSc & PHD offices, meeting rooms, common rooms, reception areas, and kitchen areas.

The Great Hall is a vibrant, inviting space encouraging groups and individuals to work, study, collaborate and relax. This houses bespoke unique pieces of furniture such as the Butterfly Benches and Bramante booths, mixed with the familiarity of a mix of soft seating, collaboration tables (low and high), armchairs, café furniture and individual high back chairs.

The SU required Music Rooms, Lobby, Lockers and Kitchen furniture. The beautiful outdoor terraces comprised a mix of tables, chairs, benches, lounge chairs and ottomans – a perfect summertime setting.

In addition to the extensive range of tasks involved in furnishing the space, the emphasis on sustainability introduced additional demands. Ensuring that all furniture items met the LSE’s criteria for recyclability and recycled content necessitated a rigorous vetting process underscores the project’s dedication to environmental responsibility. This demanded additional time and increased team efforts. This process required thoroughly informing the client of each manufacturer’s practices and materials, but it was completed within the stipulated time scale. Furthermore, the need for sustainable verification added complexity to the project, but the team’s dedication ensured it was accomplished within its specified timeline.

This commitment to sustainability underscores the project’s dedication to environmental responsibility and highlights today’s growing importance of sustainable design and procurement. For the client, a completely stress-free process in sourcing the products was provided and coordinated by Showcase PSR Portsdown. They remained educated and informed throughout on the choice of suppliers and knew precisely how they met their sustainability expectations.

Showcase PSR Portsdown was expected to offer products at the best value and often suggested alternatives to products specified to aid the project team in managing the budget whilst adhering to the project requirements.
Showcase PSR Portsdown also provided all drawings with product furniture legend and asset tagged all the furniture in the building whilst maintaining consistent team update meetings throughout the project. Showcase PSR Portsdown managed the snagging process and went over and above to ensure that the timescales, budget, and quality of service were consistent throughout.

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