St Catherine’s Hospice has been supporting people in West Sussex and East Surrey for over 40 years, providing both physical and emotional aid to individuals living with life-limiting or terminal conditions, and their families.

In their Wellbeing Centre and wards, expert teams are available to support those facing death and loss. They not only care for individuals with life-limiting or terminal conditions but also offer bereavement and caregiver support to their loved ones.

Grace Holland Avenue in Pease Pottage has unveiled its newly crafted hospice, where an emphasis on creating welcoming and comfortable spaces for residents is paramount. Engaging Showcase PSR during the initial phases of development and planning ensured expert consultation and tailored furnishings for every facet, encompassing ward rooms, breakout areas, and collaborative team spaces.

Leveraging their extensive expertise in the healthcare sector, Showcase PSR demonstrated a valuable advantage by providing consultative recommendations on furnishings. Their adept approach ensured a harmonious blend of comfort and durability through the selection of thoughtful fabrics and colour schemes. The overarching goal was to cater to a diverse user base, all while optimising space management and elevating the overall user experience.

Scope & Services

Showcase PSR furnished the hospice’s new facility, transforming spaces with innovative solutions. Patient bedrooms featured modular storage, while the Social Hub, Bookable Meeting Rooms, Offices, Breakout Areas, Staff Lounges, and Family Visitor Lounges were adorned with stylish furnishings.

The Ground Floor included a hub with communal lounge furniture, including visitor seating, soft seating, coffee tables, collaborative meeting tables, and stackable chairs. The 1st and 2nd floors embraced agile working with desks, powered flip-top mobile tables, soft seating, collaborative tables, lockers, storage, and height-adjustable lectern tables.

Communal areas were furnished with sofas, flip-top mobile tables, high tables, stools, benches, and coffee tables sourced by Showcase PSR. The project evolved through thorough client consultations, capturing room-specific requirements and aligning seamlessly with the preferences of patients, visitors, staff, and the broader community. Showcase PSR provided dynamic solutions within diverse budgets, offering furniture samples and colour boards for stakeholder approval, aligning with the architect’s palette.

The design team brought ideas to life with 2D planning designs and 3D visualisations, ensuring the seamless integration of selected products. Detailing scheduling of installations facilitated swift transfers, contributing to the overall success of the transformative project.

Success Points

Sustaining open communication with the client, Showcase PSR ensured that all products conformed to essential infection control and cleaning protocols, thereby safeguarding the well-being of patients, visitors, and colleagues.

The establishment of a profound level of trust with the client was evident, rooted in Showcase PSR’s extensive track record of delivering furniture solutions to diverse healthcare environments, encompassing both publicly and privately commissioned projects.

The successful collaboration between Showcase PSR and the New Build Delivery & Collaboration Director was seamless from start to finish, receiving warm feedback from the team. The project was successfully delivered on time and within budget, involving coordination with other contractors and hosting public site visits to introduce the facility to the community.

Sustainability Considerations

A hybrid of combined recycled and new furniture was utilised, minimising the Carbon Footprint and reducing the final cost for the client.

New furniture, made in the UK, embraces sustainable practices to minimise the carbon footprint through consolidated deliveries. Crafted from recycled materials, it follows circular ecology principles, allowing refurbishment or recycling at the end of its life cycle.

All packaging was recycled, and some items were sourced from past projects, reducing resource consumption and waste generation in line with circular economy principles.

Joanne has had a long association with this project, taking time to understand requirements even before the pandemic impacted delivery and plans. Her support in developing a furniture solution that complemented the overall design whilst providing the best environment for our fabulous staff has been great. Our needs changed over time, and we required some tight timescales, all of which were accommodated with pragmatism and insight. The products themselves are robust and will serve us well whilst the installation support enabled us to keep the programmed delivery on time. Great work, thanks.

Paul RycroftNew Build Delivery & Collaboration Director

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