Showcase PSR was appointed to fulfil a comprehensive brief encompassing the design, sourcing, supply, delivery, and installation of 90 new height-adjustable electric desking products within a prescribed timeline. These desks were intended to replace the existing products that had been in service for over 25 years. The project focused on enhancing ergonomics and personalisation, ensuring optimal comfort and usability for the staff members.

Scope & Services

The installation was required in the 999 Emergency Control Room, adjoining Training Rooms, and the Gold Suite Command Centre located at the constabulary’s HQ. Showcase PSR assumed responsibility for all aspects of the project, including design, sourcing, supply, delivery, and installation.

Communication with the supplier, Police PM, and Support Team was upheld throughout. Showcase PSR Portsdown engaged in a 3-month consultation and final product selection phase, exploring desk options, including the trial of monitor arms.

Site visits were arranged to alternative suppliers. ‘Thinking Space’ suppliers were selected based on meeting deadlines, design, value for money, cable management, and desk rigidity.

A custom graphic was added to personalise the desks, and delivery logistics were negotiated to overcome site restrictions.

Success Points

The installation was completed in two phases according to plan, with Phase One handed over to the IT Team. The project received very positive feedback for its excellent aftercare service, including quick resolution to any concerns and a solid commitment to customer satisfaction.