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Keeping Young Minds Engaged With The Ricochet Wobble Stools

By May 24, 2021Uncategorized
Ricochet wobble stools stacked in classroom

Keeping Young Minds Engaged With The Ricochet Wobble Stools

Ricochet stools support student movement, which is essential for cognitive development. Fidgeting can help keep bodies and minds engaged. Ricochet was created by KI to encourage this movement, whilst also being easy to reposition around a space. Its robust construction makes it durable and well-suited to users of all ages.

The stool’s rounded base offers up to 12 degrees of stable rocking motion, allowing the user to wobble on the spot. It is also easy to rotate 360-degrees, so students can easily redirect their attention around a room. Lightweight, Ricochet is easy to reposition with its integrated handle under the waterfall seat edge. It can even be stacked when not required.

Showcase PSR put the Ricochet Wobble Stools to the test! We visited a local Primary School to see some real little fidgets thoughts…. come back soon to see what they had to say.

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